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One on One

Private classes to help build the connection with your dog and cover essential or advanced training. 

Each one-on-one private class is 45 minutes long and come in packages of 4,5 or 6 depending on your dogs needs. 

Things We Cover: 

  • Loose leash walking,

  • Sit /hold

  • Down /hold

  • Place

  • Intro to come

  • Boundaries

  • Any problems you may be having such as potty training, etc. 

Single classes are also available as needed, which is great if you have already completed some obedience training and just need a refresh, or want to work on a specific issue.

Puppy Class

The perfect training for when you bring your puppy home! Covering all the essentials from 8-16 weeks. 

This is an hour-long class with all the do's and don'ts for your puppy: 

  • Feeding

  • Potty

  • Nipping

  • Basic Commands


This class is a great preparation to obedience when they are of age to start.


Board & Train

Let me do most of the work with my 14-day board and train program including a follow-up class. Dogs must be crate trained with no aggression issues.

This is a 14-day stay in my home. I'd be in the driver's seat meaning 90% of training is me, and would include follow-up classes with you to show you exactly what to do


This is great if you're on a tight schedule and don't have time for many weekly sessions.

The Training includes:

*8 to 10 1/2hr sessions per day

*Neighborhood walking, with a walk on the beach, interaction with People

*All basic obedience training 

*Individualized Training designed to address all of your Dogs needs

*Recall training is introduced

One Week Board and Train is now available!

*This Package includes all the great Training as the Two week Program without the introduction of Recall training. Best for Dogs with prior level one Obedience Training. Your Dog must be crate trained with no aggression issues.

Now offering Day Training!

*This would be drop off and pick up the same day

*All the same Great obedience training without Recall 

*This is great for puppies who already have some basic obedience or as reinforcement for obedience training your dog may have already received

*this is available in a two week package. Two days per week. Dogs must be crate trained with no aggression issues.

*This option is subject to availability.


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